Solving Precision Biotechnology Problems with AI & Machine Learning

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We are domain focused scientists

We are a South African company that specialises in optimising complex biomedical systems using AI & state-of-the-art machine learning. Digical Biosystems is led by a team of physicians with a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Our team of developers, data engineers, bio-informatics specialists and mathematicians work closely with our physicians to ensure that the problem is understood and solved. We partner with a global network of domain experts in academia and industry to bring state-of-the-art methodology to market to provide clients with a competitive advantage.

Digical’s approach to structuring data is empirically driven to reveal patterns and trends that lead us to a data-driven solution for our customers which unlocks maximum value for our clients.

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Digical is a Level 1 BBBEE equal opportunity employer.

Products & Services

Safe Secure Simple Storage

Securely migrate & store sensitive petabyte scale medical data

User Friendly Data Management Interface

Easily upload, retrieve & move around data on-demand or from deep storage

OCR Record Redaction & Data Abstraction

Powerful tools to protect anonymity & gain new insights into disease

Image Annotation & Labeling

Powerful annotation & labeling infrastructure reduces the time it takes to train models

Start Of The Art Processing Tools

Start Of The Art Processing Tools

Big Data Migration Strategy Consulting

Struggling to quickly migrate large volumes of sensitive medical data to the cloud? Let us assist!

Data Strategy

Generating & maintaining robust schematic ML architectures & pipelines
that deliver ROI

Model Development

Building and fine tuning explainable models for tightly regulated clinical applications

Clinical Trial & Validation Design

Domain specific expertise in delivering algorithmic tools to billable maturity 

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